Jump+ – Julien Levesque

Jump+ Canada never hesitated…

When the first and largest Apple Premium Reseller opened up their store at the Champlain Place in Dieppe, New Brunswick in October 2012, they were looking at hiring the best individuals available to represent their high standards of expertise and customer service.

Julien Levesque had studied Graphic Design at the CCNB Dieppe and been looking for work in that field but when he heard that an Apple product store was coming to Moncton, being an Apple product devotee, he applied for a job and subsequently got hired as a full time employee.

For a company that owns 8 locations in Ontario, NB and NL with over 1.5 million

visitors per year and over 100 employees, Jump+ never hesitated in hiring Julien for his abilities.

During the initial stages of Julien’s tenure, Jump+ relied heavily on the help of NB Employer Support Services which worked closely with Jump+ to ensure the workplace was safe and comfortable for Julien. Furthermore, NB Employer Support Services was able to link Jump+ with the provincial Employer Wage Incentive – Work Force Expansion wage subsidy which provided 50% coverage of Julien’s wages for the first six months. This was an important contribution to Jump+ because as a small company that was starting up, Jump+ was able to offset some of the financial costs and unknowns in hiring and training a person with a disability. In return, Jump+ gained a valuable employee who has often held the top ten spot in company wide sales.

As per Dan Schneeweiss, Jump+ CEO, “Julien is one of the best employees at Jump+. His passion is evident in all he does. His enthusiasm is palpable and his energy endless. Keeping up with Julien as he zooms around the store is a challenge for us all. He stood out immediately given his excellent knowledge and passion for Apple products. His charisma and enthusiasm were immediately evident.”

Julien indicates that Jump+ has been extremely supportive and is like a family – a comment that speaks volumes of any employer.

Due to the limitations of the store design, Jump+ spoke with suppliers to ensure that Julien would have proper tools, such as the Charis Wheel Mount to allow Julien access to work from his own ‘mobile desk’ and an iPad tablet to use on his lap to access Apple’s sale software, POS.

Although the entire team is always willing and able to help Julien get products from higher shelves and the back of the store, Jump+ continues to work with POS suppliers to ensure Julien can be as independent as possible.

Julien travels to work via Ability Transit and to assist with ensuring his arrival to work, Jump+ provides Julien his working schedule 3 months in advance in order for advanced booking of the wheelchair accessible transit bus. His schedule has been allowed flexibility so that Julien can access the bus system during their business hours.

When asked what he would recommend to other employers when hiring a person with a disability, Julien Levesque replied that “employers should not assume what a person with a disability cannot do, but look for ways in how they can do the job. There is so much technology out there today that aids a person with a disability to do what they need to get done”.

“Jump+ makes every effort to accommodate people from all walks of life, and grant equal opportunities” says Belinda Schneeweiss, Business Development Manager at Jump+. Recently, Julien’s willingness to contribute to the success of Jump+ lead to a mentoring position with another Jump+ employee from Ontario who is visually impaired. Jump+ has since hired other staff with disabilities and is committed to enabling a great and challenging work environment for all.

Jump+ focuses on Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone and offers the widest range of software and accessories, with hands on product demonstrations and advice at all times. Jump+ invites its customers to experience Apple’s innovative products and solutions in a welcoming environment.

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