Frequently Asked Questions

1. My business is having a hard time retaining workers and we would like to start recruiting people with disabilities, but where do I start?
Hiring persons with disabilities makes good business sense. Before hiring a person with a disability, your business should have an understanding of accommodation, how to handle a disclosure of a disability and should have a general understanding of disability. There are often myths about persons with disabilities and it is important you and your other employees have this information. The NBESS can help you review and identify any upfront work that may need to be done prior to hiring. This will increase the chances for retention and will facilitate a better transition for the employee you hire.

2. I recruit future employees through community colleges and universities. Are there many persons with disabilities who attend post secondary training and if so, how can I recruit them?
More and more, persons with disabilities are attending and graduating from post secondary education institutions. There are Employment Support Agencies and disability organizations such as NEADS (National Educational Association of Disabled Students) who work directly with students during post secondary studies. The NBESS can put you in touch with these organizations and can assist in the development of your recruitment strategies for post secondary graduates.

3. Our organization would like to hire persons with disabilities but we are worried accommodations may be too expensive?
Not all persons with disabilities require accommodations. Statistics illustrate that most accommodations can be completed without incurring large expenditures. There are also programs that may be able to provide financial assistance for the purchase of accommodations. The NBESS can review these options with you and will connect you with agencies throughout the province that can assist with the identification and purchasing of accommodations.

4. There seems to be so many different types of disabilities and so many accommodations available, is there a one stop shop to assist employers?
The NBESS can facilitate awareness training which provides an overview of disabilities and an overview of accommodations for various types of disabilities. It is important to understand that many employees with disabilities do not need accommodation. For employees who may need a workplace accommodation, there are a wide range of service providers in NB who are able to assist your company with accommodation solutions. For example, if you have an employee with vision loss who is having a difficult time seeing the computer monitor, CNIB is able to recommend assistive technologies or software programs that can be used. NBESS can put you in contact with the appropriate provider in your area.

5. Is there funding available to support the hiring of persons with disabilities?
There are provincially funded programs that encourage and assist employers in NB to hire persons with disabilities. The NBESS program can help assess what programs are available based on your needs.

6. What can the NBESS do for my business and how much does it cost?
Services are free. NBESS can provide consultation, training and link your organization to programs and services throughout NB that will support the hiring of persons with disabilities.

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