Les Leaders de l’Inclusion

Persons with disabilities are like everyone else. They have dreams, goals and they want to contribute to their society.
Many employers throughout the province have already taken advantage of this untapped talent pool and it’s time to thank them for being Leaders.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ABILITY to empower others.” – John Maxwell

The intent of the Leaders of Inclusion award is to identified employers that play a significant role in advancing diversity and inclusion in their respective workplace related to the hiring of persons with disabilities.   7 regional committees will be formed to crown the Regional Leaders of Inclusion for each area where you can find a regional office of the Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour of New Brunswick.    From those recipients, a provincial committee will crown the Premier’s Award of Distinction as the provincial Leader of Inclusion.

Presented in a narrative form by the EAS, nominees are selected based on the following criteria;

  1. Meeting the needs of employees and customers with disabilities in terms of accommodation and accessibility in and around the workplace;
  2. Making a commitment to promote positive awareness among its employees for the needs of the employees with disabilities; and
  3. Making a commitment to hire persons with disabilities or aid employees with disabilities to further their careers.

The EAS Network in partnership with NBESS and the PCSDPNB will continue to recognize and spread such excellence throughout the province of New Brunswick, by bringing this message of excellence for employing persons with disabilities to the forefront.


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